How to Side-load Android Apps on BlackBerry 10


This guide will walk you through side-loading Android apps onto BlackBerry 10 using a Windows PC. Side-loading Android apps on BlackBerry 10 is just as easy as it was on the BlackBerry PlayBook. (see how to side-load Android apps on Mac OS X here)

[highlight style='pear-green'] Step 1 [/highlight]

You must install the appropriate version of Java JRE:

[highlight style='pear-green'] Step 2 [/highlight]

Download and install DDPB

[highlight style='pear-green'] Step 3 [/highlight]

Once DDPB is installed, follow the instructions below:
  1. On your BlackBerry 10 device, go to Settings by swiping down from top on Home Screen
  2. Go into Security and Privacy > Development Mode
  3. Switch on ‘Use Development Mode’. If your phone doesn’t have a password lock, enter any password when prompted. E.g. your name (Not 123, abc etc)
  4. Now go back to Settings > About & choose Network category from the slide-down menu
  5.  Note IPv4 number E.g.
  6. Now run DDPB Installer on PC & enter the IPv4 number into ‘PlayBook IP Adress’ space along with device password you entered on BB10 device
  7. Click ‘Connect’ & your phone will be connected to DDPB Installer, If any error prompts, re-check the IP entered
  8. Now click on Add & choose the converted Android files downloaded. Check the apps tick mark in listing window & click Install
  9. A new window pops-up showing process & once its done you will have the Android apps installed on BB10
  10. Now go back into Security and Privacy > Development Mode & turn off development mode. Remove password if you don’t want any from Security and Privacy > Device Password
After successfully following these steps you should have installed the Android app. DDPB should have notified you it was successfully installed, but check to see if the app now displays.
[highlight style='default'] Pro tip: [/highlight] you can’t install Android .apk files directly. You must convert them to a .BAR file. This can be done online for free using

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hiiii......, this is ajay, woking as a technical engineer, a tech geek, enjoys ethical hacking

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hiiii......, this is ajay, woking as a technical engineer, a tech geek, enjoys ethical hacking

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