Hacking Any Facebook Accounts using REST API

Stephen Sclafani , a Security Researcher, has discovered a critical security vulnerability in the Social Networking giant Facebook that allowed him to hack any facebook accounts.

Stephen just need your user ID, he can hack into your account and read private messages, view email addresses, create or delete notes, on top of that he can update status and upload photos and tag you friends,  on behalf you. 

"A misconfigured endpoint allowed legacy REST API calls to be made on behalf of any Facebook user using only their user ID" Stephen explained in his blog.

The Facebook REST API is said to be predecessor of Facebook’s current Graph API.  He managed to send request to server using this API such that it will update status on behalf of victim.

Stephen found this bug in April 23 and reported to Facebook.  After getting notification, Facebook permanently fixed the bug on April 30th. Facebook awarded $20,000 bounty to him for finding and reporting this bug.

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Evil Twin and Fake Wireless Access Point Hacks: What They Are, How To Defend


Hacking is a term with a wide variety of acts associated with it. Some are incredibly complex and demand a high degree of knowledge, others are little more than installing some software on your device and acting a bit...less than ethically.

One of the most common hacks is also one of the easiest to defend against. This is what is known as a fake wireless access point. Hackers use this tactic to easily steal data of unsuspecting wireless users in public places.

What is a fake wireless access point data theft?
This type of attack has a number of nicknames associated with it: AP Phishing, Wi-Fi Phishing, Hotspotter, Evil Twins, and Honeypot AP. All of these are associated with creating a fake Wi-Fi connection that people log into, and whose goal is to steal credentials, logins, and passwords.

To accomplish this, hackers simply use a piece of software, or app, that is designed to capture data that is sent over a wireless connection. Examples of software that is sued during a fake Wi-Fi attack includes:
  • AirSSL
  • AirJack
  • Airsnarf
  • Dsniff
  • Cain
  • void11

No matter which apps are used, the key to it all is setting up a wireless connection that people will want to connect to. When they go to connect to the wireless point they likely won’t suspect a thing. Why? Because this tactic is used most often in public areas.

If you were to go into your local Starbucks, sit down with your mochalatte venti with cream and sugar pumpkin spice, and open up your tablet, finding a connection labelled ‘Starbucks Free WiFi,’ you’d probably connect in a heartbeat (on which is quicken by caffeine, at that). The same goes if you’re on a layover at JFK and you see a connection labelled ‘JFK Free Wi-Fi.- You wouldn’t think twice. That’s what the hackers are counting on - you not thinking.

How is your data stolen during a fake wireless access point theft?
How your most important data is stolen is a little shocking - you give it to them. A large percentage of these hacks take place with a fake wireless point that requires a login and password. Once that information is put into the login, hackers will take it and use it to sign into popular websites, assuming that you use the same login and password for multiple sites.

When your online accounts start showing charges that you didn’t initiate, or if your social media account is taken over, you could be the victim of a fake wireless access point data theft.

How to defend against an ‘Evil Twin’ attack?
There are a number of ways to defend against it, I’ll look at some easy to understand examples:
  • The best defence is to always verify with the wifi provider. Ask the Starbucks staff what their wi-fi is called, it can save you a massive headache. Always remember - if a deal seems too good to be true, like free wifi, it probably is.
  • Use different login details and passwords for public wifi.
  • Disconnect auto-connect when you’re in unfamiliar territory.
  • Be cautious when connects suddenly disconnect, especially if it happens for everyone on the network. An app known as aireplay is capable of disconnecting users from wifi, hoping that they’ll reconnect to their fake wifi.
  • Be cautious of certificates. Good websites can occasionally send you one, but if this happens over a public wifi that you don’t know, it is best to back off.
  • If a wifi hotspot is interfering with your VPN, forcing you to shut it down, that is a HUGE red flag. A VPN is a great defence against this attack, and hackers know it. Forcing your VPN to disable when you’re trying to connect is the only way that they can steal your data.
That last point is one I want to look at further. A VPN can be a great defence against this type of attack because it encrypts all of the data that you send out. With this data being encrypted, even when you create your login and password with the fake wifi, your data can not be stolen because it can not be deciphered. We review our Top 10 VPNs over on our website if you’re interested in learning more about them.

A last option that I’ll suggest is using SSL-protected apps. These do take more care and thought to use, but they will offer you protection that is similar to a VPN. Some hackers have even found a wayaround SSL protection ( the BREACH method), so you may want to explore using this with a secondary defensive measure.

The overall advice is to be cautious and verify before you connect. People look at me weird all the time when I ask for the correct wifi name that I should use to connect to. I’ve never been the victim of an ‘Evil Twin’ attack...I’ll take a funny look or two!

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Two different profile pictures on facebook


Yes you can use Two Different Profile Pictures on Facebook, Anxious to know how ? Stay with me and i will show you.
The Bug Was Originally Founded by Khalil (Security Researcher)
UPDATE: The Bug Seems to be Fixed
Here in this Facebook Trick i will show you how to Use Two Different Profile Pictures on Facebook, Check out the Below Picture to get more Idea.
Use Two Different Profile Pictures on Facebook
In the Above Picture You will notice that The Profile picture on my timeline and the Profile Picture in my Status are Different. Let us See how it is done.

Steps to Use Two Different Profile Pictures on Facebook

Step 1: First you have to Open your Timeline and Open your Profile Picture Album by clicking on Photos Tab, Choose a Picture that you want as another Profile Picture.
Step 2: Open that Picture in a New Window By Holding Ctrl and Clicking on it.
Step 3: Now Check the URL of that Picture, you will get something like below URL
All you have to do is Copy the fbid, Here in the above url, my photo fbid is 491366447588908.
Step 4: Open your Timeline, hover your mouse on your Profile Picture, you will see  Edit Profile Picture Option,Click on it and Select Edit Thumbnail.
Step 5: A popup window will appear, now Right Click on your Profile Picture and Choose Inspect Element,
Use Two Pofile Pictures on Facebook
Scroll down till you find <form action=”https://upload.facebook.com/save_square_pic.php”
Step 6: Now click on the Small arrow to Expand the Code Further.
Use Two Profile pictures on Facebook
Scroll down a bit, you will find <input type=”hidden” autocomplete=”off” name=”photo_fbid” value=”491366447588908“>
Now all You need to do is Replace the Current fbid Value with the one you Copied earlier in Step 3,You can do it by Double Clicking on the Current fbid Value and Replace it with the one you Copied earlier which is in my case :491366447588908.
Step 7: Click anywhere , Close Inspect Element Window and Now Click on Save, All Done, Now Check your timeline, update any status and you will see Different Profile Picture.
Step 8: Liked it? Learned Something new ? Then its time to Let your Friends Know about it. Have Fun!!!

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Every laptop or Netbook user these days have the same headache of limited backup time of batteries. As far as your system is new , you will have a good backup time but when it becomes a few months old you will definitely face problem of limited battery life.
So here I am giving you a solution to Increase battery life of laptop upto a sufficient extent.
There is an inbuilt command in your computer to Increase battery life as well as the performance of the system but not all users are aware of it. Some laptops directly provide an interface with option termed as “ POWER SAVING MODE ” but  if your laptop is old or don’t have this feature by default , you need not to worry because you can do the same task manually.
If you have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, you can use the ‘powercfg‘ command . It will display useful information about your laptop’s energy consumption and usage. If  you can understand and maintain  it correctly then you can extend your Battery life and performance by great amount.

Steps to Increase battery life of  laptop

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu and type “ CMD ” in the Start Search bar.
Step 2: The search will start and it will then display an icon of “ CMD ” . simply right click on it and select Run as administrator.
Step 3: It will open command line, now simply run the command “powercfg -energy” without quotes. (For windows 7 users.)
Windows 8 users can Simply run the command “powercfg /energy” without quotes.
Step 4: Now Press “Enter”.
Once you successfully execute this command , Windows  will run a complete scan of  your system and it will find some ways to improve performance and power efficiency.
The results of this process will be saved to an HTML file, which is commonly  present  in the“System32” folder of most of the systems.
To access this file, simply follow the path which will be displayed in command prompt window after completion of the command. Read This file to understand that what program in your system is consuming more power and degrading the performance. Fix the Problem to Increase battery life of laptop.

Some More Usefull Tips to Increase battery life

  • Eject or Remove External Devices like Pendrive/DVDs/External HDD if not in Use
  • Run Apps that don’t Eat up much RAM
  • Disable Bluetooth of your Laptop if not in use.
  • Reduce Screen Brightness, This takes away lot of your battery, Reducing Brightness will help
  • Turn of Internet if you are not using it.
  • Make sure your Laptop’s Temperature remains Low
I am quite sure Performing these Tasks will help you to Increase battery life of laptop

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Enable copy/paste in CMD- windows


By Default Windows do not allow users to Copy text and Paste it in Command prompt Or Copy text from Command prompt and paste it elsewhere. But there is an option in CMD itself to enable Copy & Paste Text in Windows Command Prompt.
Today in this tutorial we will learn how to Enable Copying and Pasting Texts in Windows Command prompt. One of the main advantage of this will be that you can copy any command that you find on the internet or from any word/excel file and paste it directly in CMD and execute that command just like that.

How to Enable Copy Paste in CMD

Step 1: Open CMD, Just type CMD in search or Press Win + X key to select Command Prompt.
Step 2: Right Click on the Title of the CMD window and Select Properties just like its shown in the below Picture
Enable Copy paste in CMD
Step 3: You will see a Pop up Window coming up, Now on the Right hand side, Under Edit Options, Just Check Quick Edit Mode and click OK
Step 4: Everything is Done, Now just Copy any Text from Here or Anywhere else Using CTRL + C keys and just Right click using your mouse on CMD. You will see that the text is been pasted automatically in CMD. Please Understand that Using CTRL + C to Copy text is Important.
Likewise if you wish to Copy Text from CMD to paste elsewhere then Just Select the Text in CMD and Again just Right Click with the mouse. Your Text is Copied and ready to Paste it in any Document you want.
This Doesn’t Limit you to just Text you can even copy File or Folder path and paste it in CMD. Everything that you have to type manually can be copied from somewhere and pasted directly to CMD with this small Tweak
So this was just a small Tip I wanted to Share with my Readers so that you don’t have to Type any long Command in CMD which if typed incorrectly can cause errors. I hope this will help some Of you.

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Winrar Any Version Crack
WinRAR is an accommodating, lightweight and easy-to-use archiving utility that is unpack almost all archive formats and compress to RAR and ZIP. Free to try intended for 40 days, WinRAR is the leading compressor in compression area
WinRAR’s interface is around as simple mainly because it gets. Start developing (or create to) an archive by dragging and dropping your files in to the interface or even by looking at the folder tree side cell (when enabled). Coming from there, the most frequently functions are organized in the form of multi colorful, mostly instinctive icons down the top, which will all possibly be customized by downloading themes in the company’s website. You may add documents to, Extract, Test, Erase, or Repair archives from the interface. Drop down menus house the program’s highly advanced features, as well as self extracting archives, archive protection, benchmarking and auto deletion to temp documents.
  • Works with almost all the version involving WinRAR such as latest 5.00 beta 7
  • Works to both 34 bit and 64 bit Version
  • Update compatible without license expiration
  • Activation lasts for life time
How you can Crack?
1.   Download and Install any version of WinRAR ( a good beta version )
2.   Download and Extract WinRAR Universal Activator.rar
3.   Go to WinRAR key folder as well as copy RARreg.Key file
4.   Go to WinRAR's installation directory and paste this there, ( if it asks to replace, just do it)
5.   Run WinRAR
6.   Done! Enjoy Lifetime licenced WinRAR

Winrar lifetime Crack

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NERO 2014 activator
NERO 2014 Platinum
Nero 14 allows you to make and share your photos, music and videos as never before. With it's greatly concentrate on today’s home media, devices and also optimized interactivity connected with applications inside the Suite is best product allowing you to connect all your media and make sure to look at house or on the go. The complete 360 degree experience offers easy to advance video modification, impressive video files conversion technological innovation for watching movies on serious device, plus burning and backup to guide your finish digital lifestyle.
Soon after some researches, we discover that there is an ideal solution to activation of NERO 2014 Platinum eagle for life. This crack has been developed by Digital Insanity Huge respect is going for their team.
This amazing crack carries a patch and a keygen. (Keygen will work only if you patched Nero)

What’s New!
1. Ultimate Nero Play to TV streaming
2. 1-click Nero Disc to Device conversion – mobile & cloud
5. Powerful video editing including Ultra HD (4K) support
4. Ultimate Mobile Device support
Try this key before all: 9040-0198-Z5EU-U5M9-5422-WC24-0EEW-L46M
If this key doesn’t use, go to the crack presented below
How to Crack?
1. Install Nero latest version in trial mode
2. After installing, Close every Nero App
3. Download and Copy this Activator to the NERO installing Directory
4. Run Activator. Then click on Patch key (wait little bit, a windows seem saying Patching in progress..)
5. After Complete Patching, Click Generate button and copy the Serial key
6. Then open Nero Control Centre
7. Right click on each key and Remove all these [image]
8. Click Add and paste the serial you copied from crack
9. Click Next! That’s All..
Download Links

Fix & Reasons: You have carried any other activator before using this crack, that have locked NERO to be able to 100mb. Therefore fist of all uninstall NERO, then restart your PC and re-install setup. Then use it. this crack is update compatible.

NERO 2014 platinum crack

NERO 2014 platinum serial keys

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