Accessing Files, Webcam of a PC on a network unknowingly

Hi guys,
In my previous post I've mentioned how to connect to a system on a network.

Now let me share some interesting attacks.

These are just for educational purpose. Hope you will not misuse these attacks.

1. Command Prompt

If you are familiar with command prompt then it is the most beautiful thing that you can access the system.

Right click on the host > Meterpreter1 >Interact > Command Shell

Now You are In Their Command Prompt. You can now change,rename,delete,create files on their PC now.

Visit this page for list of commands.

2. Get Screenshot
If you want to see the victims screen, you can get the screenshot of the PC
Right click on the host > Meterpreter2 > Explore > Screenshot

3.Accessing the files
If you want to browse the files on the PC in GUI mode just
Right click on the host > Meterpreter2 > Explore > Browse Files

4. Keylogger
If you want to know what the victim is typing you can do it by
Right click on the host > Meterpreter2 > Explore > Log KeyStrokes

5. Access Webcam

If you want to have fun you can access the webcam of the victim.
Right click on the host > Meterpreter2 > Explore > Webcam Shot.

Using Meterpreter

Hi friends,
It's been long time I've posted about Meterpreter. Now lets start attacking!!!!!

Now I'll show you how to gain access to a PC using this tool. Here I'm going to use Armitage for this tutorial. If you're not sure about about the tool, visit Meterpreter Installation Guide for details.

What all do you need for this HACK?
1. Metasploit Framework
2. Oracle JAVA 1.7
3. Internet Connection.
4. The most important thing PATIENCE!!!

If you are ready with all the above then it's the time to start.

For my convenience I'm using BackTrack. If you guys want the same just download from our site.

Step 1 : Open armitage on Backtrack 5:
By Going To : Backtrack > Exploitation Tools > Network Exploitation Tools > Metasploit Framework > armitage.

Step 2 : Connect Armitage:
Click on the connect Button .

Step 3 : Connecting Armitage :
Now use the patience part,and stretch your legs,it takes some time to connect.

Step 4 :  Armitage Window :
It has 3 Panels -
Target Panel
Module Panel
Tabs Panel

Step 5 : Finding the alive host on the Network :
Now you will search for Host on you network,By Going to Hosts -> Nmap Scan -> Quick Scan (OS detect).This will perform a quick scan to detect the host and their operating systems and vulnerabilities.

Step 6 : Inputting The Scan Range :
Now You have to insert scan range,that is you LAN ip range,Most preferably it would start with 192.168.0.- or 10.0.0.-.NOTE : the ( - ) resembles the computers on LAN.
Start the Scan.

Step 7 : Scan Complete:
After the scan has completed,if their are any other PC's on your network on,then they would be visible in the Target Pane (the Big Black box on the upper right).

Step 8 : Finding Attacks :
Now the Fun Parts starts,Click on Attacks tab in your toolbar and select Find Attacks (Not hail mary,you might not be ready for that).Start the scan and wait till it completes.

Step 9 : Set the vulnerability :
Right Click on the Host icon (windows pc) -> Select attacks -> smb -> ms08_067_netapi  vulnerability .
Now a window should pop,Click on the check-box that says "Use  a reverse connection" .
Start Attack

Step 10 : The Final Result :
So did the Host Icon Turn Red ? That Means YOU PASSED!!!!!!

Once you are connected with the system, visit this page for some attacks

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