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EaseUS Partition Master PRO v 9.2.1 - Full Version

As Partition Magic alternative, EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition is an ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to extend partition, especially for system drive, settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk under 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8.

The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with powerful data protection including: Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard. Moreover, you can create bootable CD/DVD in case of system boot failure.
  • Compatible with Windows Operating System based on GPT drive and UEFI/EFI boot, especially for Windows 8.
  • New! Activate Trial Edition directly, no need to re-download and reinstall the application.
  • Hot! Extend system partition to maximize computer performance.
  • Safely merge adjacent partitions into one without data loss.
  • Copy Wizard to upgrade system disk to a bigger one or copy partition to another with one-click.
  • Set up partitions for when installing dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Better disk management & PC performance optimization utility under Windows & WinPE based bootable disk.

Click here to Download <--- Link Updated to Direct Link

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Get Paid Apps for Free Without Jailbreaking iOS

This can be done with the help of an app called tongfu
1. Open Safari on your iPhone and Open official Tongbu website from here and Let website load completely. ( Note – Don’t use any other browser use Safari for easy download )
2. When website will load completely, Tap on button with Apple Logo and some chinese text as shown in below image. As soon as you tap, one box will popup asking you to install that app. Tap on install and wait until app downloads and install.
get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iphone
In this way you can easily download tongbu app to get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iPhone.


To explain you I will be downloading one paid image editor namely Facetune whose price on App Store is 190 INR you can check its price here and image below.
get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iphone
I will download this paid app free of cost using Tongbu App. As tongbu is chinese app, one question may arise in your mind that paid apps which we are downloading are chinese or English ? I will like to tell you that apps are same as available in Apple App Store there are no language changes. See below given steps properly to get paid apps free on iPhone using Tongbu.
1. Open Tongbu App and tap on Search icon in bottom-center of window and it will show you multiple icons tap on second icon in first row which is search icon. See image below for better understanding.
get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iphone
2. After doing that, search for app which you want to download. Here I want to download Facetune so I will search Facetune. After selecting desired app for download, You will see App information window same as we see in App Store but in Chinese language. In that window tap on green button as shown in image below and it will begin downloading your app.
get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iphone
3. After download gets complete, one box will popup which will ask you to install your app. Tap on install and it will install your paid app. After that you can see that app on your home screen.
How To Get Apps For Free Without Jailbreak
Thats it ! You can easily do this miracle of downloading paid apps for free on iPhone without jailbreak. The first time when I downloaded paid app for free in this way I was really very amazed and I am sure you will also feel same as I felt. In this way you can get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iPhone.
You will also get official updates of your app on App Store and there is nothing like that you can’t update those apps. You can update those apps from App Store. Now many peoples do face problems of crashing apps which are downloaded using Tongbu don’t worry I also have fix for that apps. Follow steps which are given below and fix crashing of apps.


If your downloaded apps get crashed or do not open after updating it than here I am explaining in simple steps how you can fix those apps. To fix those apps we will be using one software namely Tongbu Assistant which is similar as iTunes on our laptop/computer. Follow below given steps and fix crashing apps.
1. Download Tongbu Assistant software from here. After download gets finished, Install it in your laptop/computer.
get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iphone
2. After installing software, Open it and connect your iPhone to laptop and let software detect your iPhone as shown in image below. After your iPhone is detected click on Apps in top of window as shown in image.
How To Get Apps For Free Without Jailbreak Crash apps fix
3. After that click on Apps under your iPhone’s name in left side. It will show you all the apps which are right now installed on your iPhone.
get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iphone
4. In that list of apps select apps which is crashing on your iPhone and click on Fix Crash button at top of window. It will take few seconds to fix that app and after process gets complete, Run app again on your iPhone and you will see your app fixed.
How To Get Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

In this way you can fix crashing of apps downloaded using Tongbu.
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[How to] Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb Free

Note: May not work in all memory cards but surely work with 1gb cards
Sandisk 1GB SD memory card 
Wow this is really possible when i was searching for some hacking stuff online. i saw a post where people want to try whether this crack is really working or not. But they are not aware of it so they don’t want to take risk. And they didn’t even mention what the application is and from where it can be downloaded and etc. So i spent half day for searching the application here and there and finally got the crack in a small forum. So i was in a confusion that w
ill this work or not. I just cant trust it and go blindly so i scanned it in all circumstances and started to convert the card. I was shocked when i completed the process of the application. I was amazed seeing my 1 GB memory card to 2 GB and all the data can be copied according to 2GB size. So just want to give this application to all our friends.

1) First of all we have to make sure that its a 1 GB memory card. This only works on 1GB And it supports only in some of the rare cases of memory cards.
2) Now Backup all your data in that because we have to format the drive.
3) After backing up now open the Skimedi Fix 2GB Capacity application. i will upload a link at the end of post.
4) A small window will pop up showing the FIX and Cancel option. And you have to browse the drive where it is located (generally G: or L: drive for USB sticks)
sacn disk memorary!
5) After selecting the drive press on FIX and then the updating process will be followed up. It will ask your conformation whether you agree to format or not. click on yes.
6) Later it will ask to replug the device. Just replug the memory stick card and put it back. The size of the memory will be increased from 1Gb to 2Gb. you can see the properties before and after the cracking process.
7) After that you can also check the memory size in phone and also you can test the size by copying all the data to it which is around 2Gb.
I personally tested this and now i have converted my 1Gb to 2Gb and using 1.8 space with no problem.
scandisk 3

9) You can reopen the Skimedi Fix and select the drive again where it shows us the size as 1912mb which is nothing but 2Gb.
10) Some times we get a parameter error while copying the files which have crossed the 1Gb size so this may not be 100% successful.
Download the software here
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[How To] Use Whatsapp In Your Web Browser On PC

Many guys who dont have the luxury of smartphones and have an emotion towards whatsapp search the web "Whatsapp JAR download" or "whatsapp for PC" or something else, and google will give some links and all were fake ones if the searched line is "whatsapp JAR download", because whatsapp with .ja extension is not genuine one, and also  Earlier If we want to use Whatsapp on PC then we need an emulator on which we run our Whatsapp Messenger. So now lets put an end to those unfruitful searches, and get the solution. Now you can use Whatsapp in your web browser directly without any emulator. Use of emulator was a little bit clumsy work which most of users don't prefer to do. So to solve your problem and make your work more easier Whatsapp is available in your web browser straight way. Developers have launched Whatsapp for web browser. It' now officially available on web browser. So java users can also enjoy whatsapp on your default web browser.

This Whatsapp is merely an extension which will use this process "scan QR code listed on the site with your Whatsapp to login on web". It looks really simple and easy-to-use. One can get rid from all the tips & tricks available to use Whatsapp on PC. Because this tutorial is launched officially by Whatsapp which is the most easiest method to use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop. This extension or website will let you access all your data such as chats, images, videos, location etc on your web browser like Google Chrome. but still your data will remain on your Smartphone.

Use whatsapp on web browser:

You can easily use Whatsapp on Google Chrome with this step by step tutorial, simply follow the steps given below to access Whatsapp on your Internet browser.
  • To connect your web browser to Whatsapp client, you will need to go to this URLhttps://web.whatsapp.comWhatsapp has officially made this site or extension available. 
  • Open the above listed URL in your Google Chrome browser. (Currently Whatsapp can be run in Google Chrome browser only. )
  • Now you will see a QR code there which we need to scan through our Whatsapp.
  • Open your Whatsapp application on your mobile and go to menu and then there you will see an option to scan this QR code through your Whatsapp. Remember scan this code only through your Whatsapp client. (Don't forget to update your Whatsapp to the latest version otherwise you won't be able to find code scanner option. If after updating also you are not able to see the option, then wait for some time. Whatsapp is trying to made it available for all the users.)
  • When the scan is completed, your Whatsapp will be paired with the Whatsapp web client. 
  • At this situation your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for the proper working of this web client.
  • Currently this web client is not available for iOS users due to some limitations of Apple platform but all other users can use it easily without any problem.
so this was all about Whatsapp web client. Whatsapp rolled out this update after the recent issue that Whatsapp punished some users on using third-party app Whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp blocked users for 24 hours for using this app. They said that they are not authorized with this app in any way. Currently you can use it on Chrome browser only. Support for other browser is coming soon.
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Download APK Files from Google Play Store without playstore installed

Back to back android posts were being posted by me here, so continuing the flow i'm back with another interesting one today.
Now-a-days android became universal OS, and even available at a price of 3000 bucks, and speaking frankly android become very cheap just because of SAMSUNG, very unsecure, and many celebrities and business professionals avoid using android though its universal.
And now the problem starts here, to increase the customers the smartphone legends such as nokia/microsoft, blackberry of unique platforms just gave a try by launching some models that support android apps, such as nokia X, XL, blackberry 10.2 OS.
upto launching the android supported models is not an big issue, but the blackberry mobiles cant access the playstore, so here comes the question if WE CANT ACCESS THE LARGEST ANDROID APK STORE, THEN HOW CAN WE INSTALL THE APK........??
And here s the solution for your query............!!
Android apps are packaged as APK files. You can use any File Manager app to copy these files from the computer to your Android device and then touch the .apk file to install, or sideload, the corresponding app on your device.
There are various reasons why you may want to download the APK installer of an Android app from the Google Play store:
  1. Google Play Store says that a particular app or game is incompatible with your Android device though you know that the app would work just fine.
  2. Sometime an Android app may be not be available for download in the Google Play store of your region or country.
  3. An app is listed on the Google Play store but you want to install that app on another Android device, like the Amazon Kindle tablet, that doesn’t have the Play Store.
android- apk

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store

Evozi, an Android app developer, offers a one-click online APK download app that lets you download the APK installed of any Android app that’s listed on the Google Play store. The downloader app can be accessed at apps.evozi.com.
To get started, enter the web URL of any app listed on the Google Play store and click the “Generated Download Link” button. The APK download app will fetch the APK file from the Google Play store and will host it on its own servers from where you downlaod the file.
Since the APK files are directly fetched from the Google Play Store, it’s unlikely that the Android App will be infected with any malware. Also, to prevent app piracy, the APK downloader only lets you download free apps and games from the Google Play store, not the paid ones.
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4 Ways To Bypass Online Surveys For Free

Doing online surveys to download your desired software, game, e-book is the most irritating work i have ever seen. It happens with people most of the time when they are looking for some very useful software and after finding it when they tries to download, surveys shows up. It doesn't allow us to download the file until we complete one of the survey. At present no one will spend time in completing them. Earlier surveys were only used to collect feedback from the users about the product they are viewing or downloading but now a days they can be seen everywhere without any purpose. 

In today's time the main purpose of most of the surveys is only earning money. It has now become a popular way to earn money. People applies surveys on their files so that no one will have access to them until they will complete the survey. After completing the survey they gets money and the user have access to their desired files. But sometime even after completing the survey you end up with the wrong file. But don't worry i have found some ways to save your time, in this article i will show you some ways to bypass surveys online for free. Quiet interesting ? Yes it is. 

Some Websites Which Requires Bypassing
  • Sharecash.org
  • Uploadables.com
  • Fileice.net
You might come across these sites while downloading any file on the internet. These are some of the most popular websites offering surveys. User uploads its file and then these sites pays the user for completing their surveys. 

Here i am having some simple and easy to use ways to bypass surveys from websites such as Fileice Surveys, Sharecash Surveys, Cleanfiles Surveys, Adwordmedia Surveys, Uploadables Surveys.

1. Using Surveybypass.com:
It's one of the simplest way to bypass online surveys from different websites. You just need to enter the web address and that's it. Surveys will be removed in just seconds!. Remember you must check some option after entering the web address. You can check in the image below only those options must be checked. It will help the tool to encode URL, encode page, allow cookies, remove scripts and remove objects. 


Following below is a list of most bypassed sites through this tool. If you face any survey from below listed websites then don't take tension, it will surely remove.
  1. http://www.scriptmafia.org
  2. http://www.youdownload.com
  3. http://www.plunder.com
  4. http://www.guardtunnel.com

2. Sharecash Survey Killer:
Another tool to bypass online survey. It's a freely available software to bypass survey. App can be used on any platfrom and it's easy to use. The only drawback of the tool is that it only removed surveys from Sharecash. It doesn't help in bypassing other websites surveys. 

ShareCash Survey Killer

Download Link: Sharecash Survey Killer

3. Using Browser Extension:

Extension For Google Chrome
You can also remove surveys by installing easy to use extension. Bypass Surveys is the extension you can use to bypass surveys if you are using Google Chrome. It has been tested with many survey sites and is one of the most trust-able extension.

Download Link: Bypass Surveys

Extension For Mozilla Firefox
If you are a Mozilla Firefox user then also you can bypass surveys easily with a simple and easy to use extension. You can easily download your desired file with this extension.

Download Link: Redirect Bypasser

4. Using Survey Remover Tool:
You can also use another freely available tool Survey Remover Tool to bypass surveys online for free. Just download this software and bypass surveys easily.

Download Link: Survey Remover Tool
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Killer Trick To Use Android As Keyboard And Mouse

A common person won't believe if i will say that you can operate you PC or Laptop using your Android device. But it's true, you can use your Android Smartphone as mouse and keyboard. It has become possible only through the evolution of technology. Now you can turn your Android phone into a remote control. Now you don't need any wireless keyboard or mouse, your Android Smartphone is your new wireless keyboard and mouse. There is a app called gPad to turn your Smartphone into wireless keyboard and mouse. With gPad, your Android-powered Smartphone can let you control your mouse cursor and keyboard from a distance. GPad is available for both Windows and Mac. You can control either via Wi-Fi or USB. One can download specific keypads from the gPad categories or define your own keypads and share them with the world. 

GPad Menu Screen Options
  • Touchpad to use gPad as a remote touchpad with buttons and scroll area.
  • Gpad overview with a list of all your created and downloaded profiles.
  • Editor, where you can create and edit all your profiles.
  • Settings page to setup you connection type and button appearance.
gPad Menu Options
    Supports Fully Functional Keyboard
    It supports fully functional qwerty keyboard to remotely control your PC or Mac. You can use keyboard from Touchpad menu. It's available in horizontal or vertical mode. The keyboard has all the common keys that are on a keyboard of a laptop or desktop such as:
    • Letters (a-z)
    • Symbols (.,/\[])
    • Alt/ctrl/shift
    • F1-F2
    • Mac Key
    Keyboard Vertical
    Keyboard Horizontal

    Custom gPads
    It supports customized and customizable gPads.

    Custom gPads

    GPad Editor
    You can make your own gPads and configure your most used key  sequences for all your programs. You can easily choose a background, create custom buttons, define the key sequences and automate your actions.

    You can use your android device as a remote touchpad with a left/right button and scroll area. You can also configure the mouse and scrolling speed in the settings.


    How To Use Android As Keyboard And Mouse
    1. First of all download and install gPad Client on your Android device.
    2. Now you need to install gPad Server Client on your Windows & Mac PC.
    3. After the installation is complete, you will need to pair your Smartphone to your PC or Macthrough Bluetooth, USB Cable or Wi-Fi (If you are on same Wi-Fi connection). The pairing must be done before proceeding with the next step.
    4. Now open gPad application in your computer or mac.
    5. After that open the gPad application on your phone, select 'Settings' and then select the 'Connection Type'. In the connection type, select any option between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connection.
    6. Now after the connection type is selected, go back to the 'Settings' page, scroll down to the setting using through you have connected and click 'Scan'. Select your computer as the pairing device.
    7. If you see on the settings page an option to input 'Input Address', this is where you place your computer's IP if your connection fails via Wi-Fi.
    8. After that go back to the gPad's main menu and click on option 'touchpad'. This will allow you access to remotely control your computer's cursor from your Android phone. 
     Thus this way you can easily control your computer or mac's screen. Navigate easily from distance and open anything you want to open without the use of any keyboard and mouse.
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    Earn/Make Money By Downloading Apps With Tap Cash

    Tap Cash
    Every Android user downloads apps from Play Store. How will you feel if I say that you can earn some dollars for just downloading apps? No doubt you will feel top of the town. You just need to download some amazing apps and then you can make money easily and redeem it. Isn't it sounds good when you are paid to just download some apps? Everyone wants to earn some extra bucks if the task is simple to do. And you know it very well how easy it is to download apps from play store. Our lives have been smarter with the usage of smartphones and smarter applications in our daily life. Here's an exciting mobile application called "Tap Cash Rewards- Make Money" using it you can earn some money. 

    Tap Cash allows you to earn some bucks as you will download and use the applications from it. We use many different types of applications in our daily life. Daily thousand of apps are downloaded from Play Store. Some of them are games, some related to fitness, some of them are services like alarm clock, flash light etc. All of them have become our daily life usage. If we are paid to download these types of apps then there is not any problem.

      What Is Tap Cash?
    Tap Cash is an easy-to-use app that will earn you rewards or real cash rewards. You just need to open Tap Cash to download great games/apps/offers and then you can make money easily. If you think that you will be rich or will able to earn huge amount of money then this app is not for you. You will just able to earn some decent amount of money. One can get some extra bucks from this app. Tap Cash Credits can be redeemed for gift and even PayPal cash rewards. 


    How To Earn Through Tap Cash? 
    Simply Go to the app store and download the Tap Cash app or click here to download. Now you just need to open the Tap Cash app to download some amazing games such as Temple Run, Cut The Rope, Subway Surfers or some cool apps such as Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, Myntra or any other application available in the Tap Cash to earn real cash or rewards.

    What You Will Need?
    •    Android powered Smartphone which let you access Play Store. 
    •    High speed internet.

    Step By Step Guide To Earn Real Cash
    Here I am providing a complete step by step process to earn rewards and redeem it as real cash. Once you will get the required target points you can redeem it as gift cards or may use PayPal for some real cash. 

    Step 1: Go to Play Store and download Tap Cash on your Android powered Smartphone.

    Note:- You will need high speed internet to operate Tap Cash. If it's not opening try to upgrade your internet plan to 3G.  

    Step 2: Enter invitation code 3871986 to get 200 Free Credits Instantly!
    Step 3: Install Tap Cash after downloading Tap Cash.
    Step 4: Here you will find a complete list of games, applications and offers to earn some points.

    Tap Cash Offers

    Step 5: To get the cash rewards install and run apps which you would like to download. You can also complete some other offers like watching videos or ads. 

    Install And Run

    Step 6: After installing the apps you can redeem your cash rewards as gift cards or as real cash from PayPal.


    VIP Bonus   
    You can enjoy 100% VIP Bonus. To avail Bonus offer just verify your Facebook account through mobile phone and bind it with Tap Cash to get it.

    VIP Bonus

    How To Become A VIP?
    •    Go to setting.
    •    Tap "Bind Facebook Account" to bind Facebook account with Tap Cash.
    •    Tap "Become VIP" to verify account through mobile phone.
    •    Restart Tap Cash and become a VIP.

    Note:- If your Facebook account has been verified through mobile phone, you will become a VIP directly after Binding your Facebook account.
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