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FolderSizes v8.0.91 Enterprise Edition + Key

FolderSizes is, quite simply, the most powerful disk space analyzer ever created. Use it to analyze any type of storage device that̢۪s accessible to the host computer Рlocal disks, network attached storage, network shares, mapped drives, and more. The wealth of information FolderSizes provides is unparalleled, and the deeply multi-threaded file system analysis engine ensures excellent performance and scalability.


- Calculated date/time fields for folders, based upon their contents
- Hierarchical folder map visualization (based upon treemap technology)
- Integrated scheduler
- Unicode file and folder name support
- Interactive, dynamic, full-color bar and pie graphs
- Fast, multi-threaded, network-aware file system scanning
- Isolate largest, oldest, duplicate, and temporary files
- View disk space utilization by file type / attributes
- View local & network disk space usage by owner / group
- FilterZip regular-expression based compression system
- See total & free space for fixed, removable, network drives
- Export reports in HTML, XML, CSV, and more
- Integrates with the Windows shell context menu
- Extremely configurable - colors, fonts, print options, etc.
- Flexible, multi-path oriented search and file reporting systems
- Strong support for viewing allocated disk space (e.g. "size on disk")
"Command Prompt from Here" in all context menus
- Super-fast, in-memory database provides stunning performance
- Support for direct entry of UNC network paths in all reports
- Optional symbolic link skipping.



1. Unpack and Install
2. Run and use given serial to register
3. Done.

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