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[Solved] Cannot receive files using Bluetooth

My Blackberry z10 facing a problem while receiving files via bluetooth and NFC, after receiving 95.7kB after uptating to 10.3, while using 10.2 i've no issue with bluetooth and NFC,and i'm using a 32gb Class 10 SD card, and as per others suggestions, i've tried to shift the location of bluetooth transfer from SD Card to Phone memory, but i failed, now what should i do with these.......??
eagerly waiting for your reply... please help me as soon as possible,
thanks in advance...

Reply from Computer Innovations Desk:
Dear Reader,
actually the matter is that whenever an official update is released then it always means to improve our users experience, and i mentioned that because you are thinking that the 10.3 update has caused the issue, but i think you can better try to remove your SD Card and then try transferring the files using bluetooth and NFC, if you were successesful then try formatting your SD card and then try to transfer your files, for sure your blackberry will receive files comfortably....,

if you find the trick appealing then just comment here,

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